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The Event

Inferno Music Conference 2021

The metal music networking event in the north

Inferno Music Conference is the premier event for you to grow your metal music network, get inspiration, create new contacts and learn from leading music professionals. As a part of Inferno Metal Festival, Norway’s biggest and longest running metal fest, the Inferno Music Conference gathers the Norwegian and international metal scene to meet up with key metal music professionals and media from all over the world. We are providing the best professional and social meeting point for the international metal music industry. With 200+ delegates each year it is the biggest gathering point for the metal industry in the north. Join us for 2 days of panels, Q&A`s, live interviews, instrument clinics, networking and more. When the darkness falls, and the night comes you can enjoy Inferno Metal Festival with top of the line extreme metal from well-established headliners to the new upcoming bands.

The Inferno Metal Festival has been the most important music festival in Norway for the metal genre since 2001 and is held every year at Easter at Rockefeller and John Dee as well as local clubs in Oslo. Around 300 international delegates (press / labels / producers / artists etc.) visit the festival every year.

The Inferno Music conference will continue developing a platform that facilitates networking and expertise building for the professional metal industry in years to come.

We are all dead on the inside.


Inferno Music Conference is an international music conference where everyone is welcome. Male, female from any continent, we all have a strong common denominator; metal music. We work diligently to help create a well-mixed collection of women and men from all over the planet. Unfortunately, we see that there is an uneven distribution of gender in today’s industry and do what we can to contribute in this area.

The main goal

Social meeting points

The music business is always changing. To achieve long-term survival, a business must develop and adapt with the times. Inferno Music Conference creates an opportunity to keep up with the changes and to expand networks. Our genre is strong and narrow, and we love it

The Inferno Metal Festival

Local herritage

Inferno Metal Festival is Norway’s longest living metal festival. The festival
profile is unique with its focus on extreme metal, black metal is in the high seat. For many guests, seeing “legendary” Norwegian black metal artists in the country of orign is a desired experience. Inferno Metal Festival guests come from around the world every year. The festival has 1500 daily visitors. Around 60% of the guests are foreigner. Norwegian metal genres have a high quality branding in the international metal music scene and there is no indication that this will change at the moment. The festival is a concreted platform and a perfect host for the networking event. .