Inferno Music Conference

April 18th-20th 2019, Clarion Hotel the Hub, Oslo

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As a part of Inferno Metal Festival, Norway’s biggest metal fest, the Inferno Music Conference gathers the Norwegian metal scene to meet up with metal music professionals and media from all over the world.

The Inferno Music Conference has been organized since 2004 in conjunction with the Inferno Metal Festival. From being a small informal meeting place for the industry and media that visited Inferno Metal Festival, it has now become an important gathering for Norwegian and international music industry. The main topics of this year’s conference will be social media marketing, band management and touring in South America. There will also be art exhibitions, instrument clinics and the annual Inferno Metal Auction hosted by Tore Bratseth, the most brutal auctioneer Norway has to offer. The items sold at the auction is usually from the glory days of extreme metal and have high collector’s value for any enthusiast. Inferno Music Conference 2019 will take place at the Clarion Hotel The Hub in Oslo. This year we are proud to host a drum clinic with Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth) and a guitar clinic with Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth).


Thursday Friday Saturday

11:00 - 11:15 @ Room 1

11:15 - 11:45 @ Room 1

12:00 - 12:45 @ Room 1

13:00 - 13:45 @ Room 1

13:00 - 13:45 @ Bar

14:00 - 14:30 @ Bar

14:00 - 14:45 @ Room 1

15:30 - 16:30 @ Bar

15:00 - 17:00 @ Rockefeller Leiligheten

11:00 - 11:45 @ Room 1

12:00 - 12:15 @ Room 1

12:15 - 13:00 @ Room 1


13:15 - 14:00 @ Room 1

13:45 - 14:45 @ Bar

14:15 - 15:00 @ Room 1


15:15 - 16:00 @ Room 1


12:00 - 13:30 @ Room 1


14:00 - 15:30 @ Room 1


15:00 - 16:30 @ Bar

Program Content

  • Creating the foundation

    Thursday 12:00 - 12:45 @ Room 1

    With several years of experience working with marketing and social media, Jens Karlsson’s take on working with a band is focused on community, transparency and a strategic, yet relevant approach to getting a young band noticed. Jens is currently working as manager for BAEST. He has worked with the band from its small beginning to a record deal, extensive touring with big national acts and making their debut a bestselling release on the domestic vinyl chart.

    BAEST Manager ///  Jens Uhre Karlsson (DK)

  • Metal Music Promotion: Breaking the ice with social media marketing

    Thursday 13:00 - 13:45 @ Room 1

    In this day and age, social media can greatly affect the future of bands in the current interactive climate. How can an artist maximize exposure in the intricate world of the social media landscape?

    Dropoutmedia ///  Matt Bacon (US)

  • Green Festival

    Thursday 13:00 - 13:45 @ Bar

    Taking the bus rather than driving to work, recycling and separation of garbage, use of upcycled materials, monitoring carbon footprint of the festival… great, but scientists are increasingly pointing to a deeper lifestyle change that would be the single biggest way to help the planet; eating far less meat. How does that impact the changes in food area of a music festival? Boban and Nika from Metal Days Festival will share some first hand experience and detailed info about it.

    Metal Days Festival ///  Nika Brunet (SI)
    Metal Days Festival ///  Slobodan Milunović (SI)

  • Metalheads Against Bullying

    Thursday 14:00 - 14:30 @ Bar

  • On tour: South-America

    Presented by BandOrg

    Thursday 14:00 - 14:45 @ Room 1

    A brief introduction to the ever-growing live metal music market in South America.

    Moderator ///  Anders Odden (NO)
    Matrix Entertainment Colombia ///  German Andrade (CO)
    Necromorbus Studio ///  Tore Stjerna (SE)
     ///  Jens Fredrik Ryland (NO)

  • Jernverket - Official festival podcast at Inferno 2019

    Thursday 15:30 - 16:30 @ Bar

    Jernverket is Norway’s no. 1 hardrock podcast. Hostess Helle Stenkløv and her guests talk about everything fun and metal. Jernverket will host a live podcast with Silenoz from Dimmu Borgir on stage at the hotel bar at Clarion Hotel The Hub on Thursday 18th of April at 3 pm. Find out how it is to be the guitarist in Norway’s most successful black metal band! Subscribe to Jernverket in your podcasts app or go to to download new episodes every Friday. Follow Jernverket on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

    Jernverket ///  Helle Stenkløv (NO)

  • Delegate lounge

    Thursday 15:00 - 17:00 @ Rockefeller Leiligheten

  • Educate the fan: Things that should stay / shouldn’t stay behind the scenes

    Presented by Summerbreeze

    Friday 11:00 - 11:45 @ Room 1

    This panel, presented by Summerbreeze Festival, will focus on different ideas how (and how much) an artist, label or a festival should communicate with their audience. How much do you want to share with your fans? Is ‘the truth’ attractive – from live streaming your bathroom routine to covering your faces behind masks? Does feeling connected online equal a connection in real life, and how does this connection help you as an artist, label or as a festival?

  • SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative

    Presented by SafeMUSE

    Friday 12:00 - 12:15 @ Room 1

    SafeMUSE is an independent non-partisan and non-profit membership association with the main purpose of offering persecuted musical artists and artists at risk a safe place to stay and work with freedom of artistic expression.

  • Herding Cats 101: an insight into band management and management strategies

    Presented by BandOrg

    Friday 12:15 - 13:00 @ Room 1

    A band manager is someone who generally takes care of the business of a band, but that doesn’t mean the artist should be on top of their music career before a manager comes into the picture – or that there aren’t things you should be doing even if you have a manager on board. This panel will shed some light on some of the aspects of managing strategies and how the band manager is viewed by the rest of the music business.

    Moderator ///  Anders Odden (NO)
    Flying Fox AB ///  Erin Lynch (SE)
    AISA ///  Simon Füllemann (CH)
    D-19 ///  Roman Alexander Hödl (AT)

  • Streaming trends: strategies for a successful digital release

    Friday 13:15 - 14:00 @ Room 1

    How important are major streaming services to the metal genre today? Is there any difference in planning a digital release in the metal genre?

    Dropoutmedia ///  Matt Bacon (US)

  • The End of Bands?

    Friday 13:45 - 14:45 @ Bar

    Anders Odden has a thesis that the traditional big bands are slowly fading out, retiring, and that they are replaced by concepts; that has the look of a band but can function more as a brand because the band members are less important than how they perform and what their sound is. Anders will discuss this with Robert Müller, and their combined experience within the metal music industry will make this a discussion you do not want to miss.

    Cadaver ///  Anders Odden (NO)
    Metal Hammer ///  Robert Müller (DE)

  • ARS UMBRA: the Art of Ester Segarra

    Friday 14:15 - 15:00 @ Room 1

    Ester Segarra is a renowned metal music photographer who should need little introduction to well-versed extreme metal devotees. Through her lens, Ester has lifted the veil on extreme music’s most notorious players and in turn become one of the most prolific and significant metal music photographers. Having captured images of the likes of MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, ROTTING CHRIST, VENOM, ABBATH, 1349, GHOST, WATAIN, ELECTRIC WIZARD, CATHEDRAL, KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST, AT THE GATES, CARCASS, TRIPTYKON, SHINING, BEHEMOTH and others, Ester has been granted unprecedented access to many of the bands she has worked with, allowing her a unique insight that is evident in the images she creates.

    Ester Segarra (ES)

  • Metal in print: Why are magazines not dead yet?

    Friday 15:15 - 16:00 @ Room 1

    Gunnar Sauermann, Robert Müller and Harald Fossberg will have an informal chat about why printed magazines are still around in the digital age of social media and webzines.

    Wacken Open air/Metal Hammer ///  Gunnar Sauermann (DE)
    Metal Hammer ///  Robert Müller (DE)
    Aftenposten ///  Harald Fossberg (NO)

  • Drum Clinic: Dirk Verbeuren (MEGADETH)

    Presented by CREO

    Saturday 12:00 - 13:30 @ Room 1

    Verbeuren is highly renowned in the metal scene for his studio recordings and/or live performances and recordings with Devin Townsend Project, Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah, Satyricon, Jeff Loomis, Warrel Dane, Aborted, Naglfar, Scarve, Powermad, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, Sybreed and others. He has accumulated two decades of experience as a teacher, including ten years at Music Academy International in Nancy, France. When he's not working as a session drummer at his Die Crawling Studio he is touring worldwide as a drum clinician for Tama drums and Meinl cymbals.

    Megadeth ///  Dirk Verbeuren (US)

  • Guitar Clinic: Fredrik Åkesson (OPETH)

    Presented by CREO

    Saturday 14:00 - 15:30 @ Room 1

    We are excited that Opeth's lead machine Fredrik Åkesson will host a guitar clinic. Fredrik has many years’ experience as a live and studio guitarist. He is best known for his work with Arch Enemy, Krux and Opeth but has played in several other metal bands. Opeth will be headlining the Inferno Metal Festival this year so this is a unique opportunity for the fans.

    Opeth ///  Fredrik Åkesson (SE)

  • Inferno Metal Auction

    Saturday 15:00 - 16:30 @ Bar

    Tore Bratseth is once again ready to present legendary items from the glory days of extreme metal. The Inferno Metal Acution has a long tradition and has auctioned away many items that has brought tears to the eyes of the collectors. Mentionable items during the years includes First Edition of the Burzum – Burzum album on vinyl, Burnable stave church candle of the Fantoft Stave church, Abbath’s signed leatherboot from the Fuck Christ tour of 1993, Old Funeral’s fully signed original "Abduction Of Limbs" demo, cymbal used on "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" and Fenriz’ acoustic guitar. Who knows what will be brought to the table for the 2019 auction?

    Bömbers ///  Tore Bratseth (NO)


  • Jens Uhre Karlsson

    Jens Uhre Karlsson (DK) /// BAEST Manager

    With several years of experience working with marketing and social media, Jens Karlsson’s take on working with a band is focused on community, transparency and a strategic, yet relevant approach to getting a young band noticed. Jens is currently working as manager for BAEST. He has worked with the band from its small beginning to a record deal, extensive touring with big national acts and making their debut a bestselling release on the domestic vinyl chart.

    /// Creating the foundation

  • Tore Stjerna

    Tore Stjerna (SE) /// Necromorbus Studio

    Coming from a studio background with founding NBS Audio (a.k.a. Necromorbus Studio) in the mid-90s, Tore Stjerna has become a household name in the extreme metal underground. About a decade ago, he also branched more and more into working with live sound, which eventually led to working with tour planning and stage production. He’s currently manager for Mayhem and handles FOH duties for most of their shows, along with being long time FOH tech and production manager for Watain.

    /// On tour: South-America

  • Jens Fredrik Ryland

    Jens Fredrik Ryland (NO) /// 

    Business developer, digital communication and marketing, Borknagar guitarist 1997-2018, Inferno Festival Founder 2000-2002.

    /// On tour: South-America

  • Matt Bacon

    Matt Bacon (US) /// Dropout Media

    Cigar chomping Matt Bacon is a consultant, A&R man, and journalist specializing in the world of heavy metal. Having worked with everyone from glam rock icon Phil Collen of Def Leppard to rock legends Coven by way of legendary thrashers Exhorder as well as labels including Prophecy Productions and Ripple Music. Far from simply trying to work with the biggest acts he can find, Matt has dedicated his life to helping young bands develop. Having started his own blog at the age of 14 he views his career in artist development as 'a hobby that got out of hand'. In 2015 he formed Dropout Media in order to better support the artists he loves. In the last year he has used his daily Instagram video series 'Bacons Bits' and his podcast, 'Dumb & Dumbest' to be able to give bands advice in an easily digestible way. With countless tours booked, records released and deals signed, he is loving every minute of it.

    /// Metal Music Promotion: Breaking the ice with social media marketing
    /// Streaming trends: strategies for a successful digital release

  • Gunnar Sauermann

    Gunnar Sauermann (DE) /// Wacken Open air/Metal Hammer

    Gunnar Sauermann is a trained archaeologist and comparative linguist with focus on Celtic and Nordic languages. In 1996, he founded a radio show entitled “Black Metal Art” at a local radio station in his hometown of Oldenburg, Germany. This proved to be fatal to his academic career in the long term as he got drafted by Metal Hammer as a writer in 2001. In 2008, forward-thinking French extreme metal label Season of Mist employed him as a promoter first in Marseille, France and later in their new Dutch office in Vaassen. After ten years as a glorified babysitter for bands, he left the company on amicable terms and started to work as press officer for the world’s largest metal festival, the Wacken Open Air, in Hamburg, Germany – where Gunnar works to this day. During all these years, he continued writing for Metal Hammer among other publications with a focus on Nordic and other black metal. Gunnar has attended every edition of the Inferno Festival so far starting with the first year. He is also quite literally married to Norway as his wife is from Bergen.

    /// Metal in print: Why are magazines not dead yet?

  • Tore Bratseth

    Tore Bratseth (NO) /// Bömbers

    Founding member and guitarist of Old Funeral 1988-1992. Worked as road crew for Immortal in the 90's and 2000's. Guitarist of Bömbers since 1996. Guitar & Vocals in The Batallion and Studfaust. Passionate vinyl and rock and metal memorabilia collector since 1984. Know for bad jokes and sudden "ALL RIGHT !" outbursts. General sick motherfucker since 1973.

    /// Inferno Metal Auction

  • Harald Fossberg

    Harald Fossberg (NO) /// Aftenposten

    Harald Fossberg is a journalist at Aftenposten, one of Norway's largest daily newspapers. Before he started working there, he put out one of Norway's first punk fanzines and has played in various bands such as Norwegian punk pioneers Hærverk, Turbonegro and others. He has written about music for many years and has also written a book about the roots and rise of Norwegian Black Metal; "Nyanser av svart".

    /// Metal in print: Why are magazines not dead yet?

  • Anders Odden

    Anders Odden (NO) /// Cadaver

    Anders Odden is one of the founders of Norwegian extreme metal. He started his first black metal band, Slaught, as early as 1986. He then founded the death metal band, Cadaver, in 1988 and their debut LP, "Hallucinating Anxiety" (1990) was the first Norwegian death metal album out on an international label, Earache Records. Through his career he has collaborated with bands like Mayhem, Celtic Frost and Satyricon, where he still play bass. He founded IMC in 2006 to bring the Norwegian metal scene closer to the international metal music business and is happy to contribute to this event again.

    /// On tour: South-America
    /// Herding Cats 101: an insight into band management and management strategies
    /// The End of Bands?

  • Simon Füllemann

    Simon Füllemann (CH) /// AISA

    Board of directors at MMFSuisse, CEO/Founder/Owner at By Norse, CEO/Founder/Owner at AISAmusic / All Independent Service Alliance.

    /// Herding Cats 101: an insight into band management and management strategies

  • Wu Zhen

    Wu Zhen (CN) /// Painkiller Productions / Midi Music Festival

    Artist and production manager, photographer and music event producer. Co-founded the famous Chinese metal magazine 'Painkiller Mag' in 2000 which had an influencial impact onto the Chinese metal communities beyond comparison and still is one of most important hard'n'heavy periodicals ever published in Chinese language. Meanwhile as the creative head of Painkiller he contributed and conducted the production of over a hundred live shows in rock and metal music including big productions and touring projects for international fames such as Lamb of God, Testament, Nightwish, Opeth etc. Being the Chinese promoter of W:O:A Metal Battle global band contest, Zakk Wu also helped many Chinese metal bands to perform on big stages in Europe. In the indepth collaboration with Midi Music Festival for over a decade Zakk Wu takes an important part in booking, production and communications for the international line up. As tour manager he helped Chinese metal bands to prepare and play on the biggest metal festival such as Wacken Open Air, Metal Days Festival, etc.

  • Deng Haoming

    Deng Haoming (CN) /// Midi Music Festival /Midi School of Music

    Mr. Deng has been responsible for the international cooperation projects between Midi School of Music with Norway and Canada. He has worked for the Midi Music Festival in China since 2011, and worked as stage director with Suede, Therion, Fear Factory, Wayne Static of Static-X, White chapel, Dragonforce and etc.

  • Zhang Jun

    Zhang Jun (CN) /// Extreme Metal Magazine

    Mr. Zhang Jun was the first man to properly introduce the extreme metal music to mainland China. He was the chief editor of 'Extreme Music' magazine back in the 90s, and chief editor of Dragonland (now D-land) magazine since the 21 st century. He owns the D-land brand, the largest Chinese MCN (multi-channle Network) which introduces Metal Music. He has also founded corss-band collaborating music project DEMOGORGON. He has 800 000 followers in total on social media.

  • Cao Hongshun

    Cao Hongshun (CN) /// 330 Metal Music Festival

    Mr. Cao is the vocal in Dreamspirit, formed in 2009. In 2015 he won the champion in Metal Battle China, and took part in Ragnarock and Wacken Open Air in Germany. He joined the most famous Heavy Metal Music Festival in China 330 Metal Festival, and has served as the tour manager to plan more than 20 metal music festivals.

  • German Andrade

    German Andrade (CO) /// Matrix Entertainment Colombia

    Matrix Entertainment Colombia is a Booking agency and show promoter company based in Bogota, Colombia, during 17 years we had runs tours from Mexico to Brasil for bands like Opeth, Inflames, Steven Wilson, Deicide, Flower Kings, Cradle of filth, Entomdeb, Enslaved, At The Gates, The Haunted, Behemoth and many more. We are focused on metal acts and progressive rock, we have build a net of partners during all these years all over the territory, that way we can guarantee professional tours been run.

    /// On tour: South-America

  • Ester Segarra

    Ester Segarra (ES) /// Artist

    Ester Segarra is a renowned metal music photographer who should need little introduction to well-versed extreme metal devotees. Through her lens, Ester has lifted the veil on extreme music’s most notorious players and in turn become one of the most prolific and significant metal music photographers. Having captured images of the likes of MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, ROTTING CHRIST, VENOM, ABBATH, 1349, GHOST, WATAIN, ELECTRIC WIZARD, CATHEDRAL, KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST, AT THE GATES, CARCASS, TRIPTYKON, SHINING, BEHEMOTH and others, Ester has been granted unprecedented access to many of the bands she has worked with, allowing her a unique insight that is evident in the images she creates.

    /// ARS UMBRA: the Art of Ester Segarra

  • Roman Hilser

    Roman Hilser (DE) /// Silverdust GmbH / Summer Breeze Open Air

    Born in 1987 in the Black Forest (Southwest Germany) Roman realized at an early age that if you want to have a band, get around and play music you need to do it yourself. From promoting (small!) shows, touring with his and his friend‘s bands (Der Weg Einer Freiheit, ACxDC, Gorgasm, Fuck You And Die), merchandising, releasing/promoting music and diving into the (by then brand new) world of social media, Roman naturally grew his personal network in the German music scene. Due to recommendation, Achim Ostertag (founder Summer Breeze Open Air) recruited Roman in 2015 to take care of managing the media production on site and communicating everything you need to know about Summer Breeze online through all social media channels. Roman’s educational background (educational theory, psychology, philosophy) helps him a lot with his daily tasks, although he never finished his university career.

Art Exhibition

Christophe Szpajdel

Christophe Szpajdel is a graphic designer from Belgium who currently resides in England. After designing his first logo for the Finnish band Disgrace in 1990, he has drawn over 10,000 logos, mainly within the black and death metal and ambient music scenes. The amount of work he has done in the industry has lead him to be nicknamed the "Lord of the Logos", which was reinforced when he authored a book of the same name showcasing his design over the years. His most prolific logo design was for Emperor in early 1993. In the 2010's, Szpajdel has been exposed to major publicity after working with Foo Fighters and Rihanna.

Christine Linde aka Tomarum

Christine Linde aka Tomarum is an artist and photographer based in Helsingland, Sweden. Known as @tomarum on Instagram with dark creations and beings from Scandinavian folklore. The exhibition includes original paintings, posters and prints for sale at this years Inferno Music Conference. We are looking forward to see what this is all about, and so should you!

Christian Sloan Hall

Christian Sloan Hall is an artist hailing from Orange County California, who has worked with some of the best bands and publications in the music industry including Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir & Danzig. Known for his attention to detail and historical accuracy, Christian's work has regularly adorned feature pages of magazines and festival stage backdrops and posters. Now based in Scotland, he continues to work with bands, record labels and brands throughout the world.

Dehn Sora

We'll let Dehn Sora have this quote about his work; "Work of Vincent Petitjean, Paris, France. Graphic design, Art Direction, Creative director assistant. I Try. Create. Fail. Try again." His portefolio includes artist like Ad Hominem, Blut Aus Nord, Ephel Duath, In the Woods..., Manes, Merrimack and Arcgoat. His exhibit will most surely be dark and gloomy.

Ester Segarra

Ester Segarra is a renowned metal music photographer who should need little introduction to well-versed extreme metal devotees. Through her lens, Ester has lifted the veil on extreme music’s most notorious players and in turn become one of the most prolific and significant metal music photographers. Having captured images of the likes of MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, ROTTING CHRIST, VENOM, ABBATH, 1349, GHOST, WATAIN, ELECTRIC WIZARD, CATHEDRAL, KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST, AT THE GATES, CARCASS, TRIPTYKON, SHINING, BEHEMOTH and others, Ester has been granted unprecedented access to many of the bands she has worked with, allowing her a unique insight that is evident in the images she creates.

Turid Aurora

Is best known for absurd, horror-humorous and very black series of Mortis Comoedia published in Norwegian Nemi and since 2015 regularly in the Swedish edition and in three books - La Danse Macabre (2008), Nekromani (2014) and Mortis Comoedia - A Collection Of Dark Comics To Tickle Your Humerus (2015). Turid Aurora have had several exhibitions with original drawings from these books (among other things at the Serie Gallery in Stockholm). So look forward to some interesting art and dark comics.

Christopher Rådlund

Rådlund lives and works since 1991 in Oslo. Rådlund moved from Sweden because of Norway's strong tradition of figurative painting, with Odd Nerdrum and several other exponents. During the 1990s, Rådlund strongly related to traditional Norwegian landscape painting, with examples such as Johan Christian Dahl and Peder Balke, and is therefore preferably regarded as "new romance", an epitome he, according to his own statement, has no problem with. It also follows that he has renounced modernism as a theory complex and has instead attempted to develop an artistry from tradition-related parameters. The painting is characterized by Scandinavian landscape motifs, without definite recognizable geographical connections, or as he himself expresses it; "I paint landscapes from the North Atlantic climate zone" and "unnamed landscape". Sea, sky, clouds, mountain massif, trees and forest groves are the typical motifs, often against a monochrome bluing background.

Metalheads against bullying

Metalheads Against Bullying was founded early in the year 2015 by Leif Munkelien. Founder Leif Munkelien was in 2008, after a severe back injury at work, put into 100% disability benefits. Leif has always wanted to work with children and young people, and this gave him the opportunity to follow his dream. As his strong passion for the organization grows, so does the opportunity for MAB to become Norway’s largest anti-bullying organization. Metalheads Against Bullying are today, the only anti-bullying organization with connection to the rock and metal environment.


This delegate list will be updated periodically.
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Name Company Country
Achim Ostertag Silverdust GmbH / Summer Breeze Open Air Germany
Adrian Rexgren Santuario del Rock Colombia
Anders Odden Cadaver Norway
Andreas Pettersson Nordvis Produktion Sweden
Andrew Haugstad Inferno Music Conference Norway
Anlov P. Mathiesen Acârash / Nagarash Booking Norway
Asgeir Mickelson Multimono Norway
Audun Mehl Negative Vibe Records Norway
Audun Vegardsson Ulleland Svarttjern Norway
Bart Van Haare Buma Cultuur Netherlands
Bjørn Larsen Oslo Beikmørke / Blitz Booking Norway
Bogi Bjarnason Black Ice Press Iceland
Boris Danielsen Norway
Cao Hongshun 330 Metal Music Festival China
Carolin Steinert Radar Booking Norway
Cayza Del Carmen Hard N Heavy Tours Norway
Charlene Tupper Metal Titans Canada
Chris 'Jagger' Jäger SilverdustT GmbH / Summer Breeze Open Air Germany
Christer Hansen Border Music Norway Norway
Christian Sloan Hall Artist - Art Exhibition USA
Christine Linda Artist - Art Exhibition Sweden
Christophe Szpajdel Artist - Art Exhibition Belgium
Claudia Tamara Inferno Music Conference Norway
Claudia Tamara Inferno Music Conference Norway
Daan Holthuis Holth Denmark
Daniel Tveit Inculter Norway
David Bennike Davidian Metal Royale Denmark
Dehn Sora Artist - Art Exhibition France
Deng Haoming Midi Music Festival /Midi School of muisc China
Dirk Verbeurem Megadeth USA
Einar Sjursø Duplicate Records Norway
Eirik Befring Råkkfolk Norway
Eirik Kraft Øyafestivalen Norway
Eric Sharma Råkkfolk Norway
Erik Rundqvist Vomitory Sweden
Erik Sæther Svarttjern Norway
Erin Lynch FlyingFox AB Sweden
Erlend Gjerde Indie Reordings Norway
Ernman Bora Atabay Rock In Norway
Ester Segarra Artist - Art Exhibition Spain
Eyvindur Vilmundarson Reykjavik Metalfest Iceland
Fredrik Åkesson Opeth Sweden
Fritz-Ragnvald Rimala Pettersen Vaterland Norway
Gaute Refsnes Cor Scorpii Norway
Gaye Black Louder than war UK
German Andrade Matrix Entertainment Colombia Colombia
Gisli Sigmundsson Reykjavik Metalfest Iceland
Gunhild CHristensen Nødutgangfestivalen Norway
Gunnar Sauermann Wacken open air/Metal Hammer Germany
Harald Fossberg Aftenposten Norway
Helle Stenkløv Jernverket Norway
Henriette Aaberg Rockaway Norway
Håkon Grav Photograve Managment Norway
Iben Kajser Kroa i BØ Norway
Jacopo de Simone District - 19 Italy
Jan- Martin Jensen Inferno Metal Festival Norway
Jennifer Colleen Mcinnis Volvur Norway
Jens Fredrik Ryland Norway
Jens Uhre Karlsson BAEST Manager Denmark
Jon Knight The Flaming Arts Agency UK
Jorge Patacas Rise! Uruguay
Jorn Rap Soulseller Records Netherlands
Jørn Brekke Youtube Music Norway
Karina Cifuentes Eternal Terror Norway
Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt SafeMUSE Norway
Kasper Behrendt Den Tunge Time and Den Tunge Radio Denmark
Linda Melsom Indie Reordings Norway
Kjetil Solhøi NRK Norway
Kristján Júlíusson Doomcember Iceland
Kristoffer Neegaard Inferno Music Conference Norway
Ksenia 'Kess' Petrova Atomic Soul Norway
Laetitia Abbenes Season of Mist Netherlands
Lars Frode Hansen Inferno Metal Festival Norway
Leif Munkelien Metalheads against Bullying Norway
Lena Moen Southern Discomfort Festival Norway
Linda Karoline Ringstad CREO Norway
Live Mckay Universal Music Norway
Lola Rovira Kromatik Music Spain
Lulu Davis Incendia Music UK
Maciej Minczykowski Left Hand Sounds Poland
Magný Rós sigurðardóttir Eistnaflug Festival Iceland
Maik Weinhardt Wacken Foundation Germany
Mark van Schaick Never Mind The Hype Netherlands
Martin Rygge Mas-Kina Recordings Norway
Matt Bacon Dropout Media USA
Maximillian Schmidt Wacken Foundation Germany
Michael Grosicar Redback Promotion Germany
Miguel Navarro Kromatik Music Spain
Mirza Radonjica-Bang Prime Collective Denmark
Morten Kristensen Prime Collective Denmark
Nelson Enrique Varela Izquierdo Colombian Shows Colombia
Nika Brunet Metal Days Festival Slovenia
Nika Khosravi Confess Iran
Oda-Marie Jørgensen Miss Fixit Agency Norway
Ole Aune Nidrosian Black Mass Norway
Ole Teigen Superlynx Norway
Olof Wickström Skrikhult Production Sweden
Otto Egil Sætre Dark Essence Records Norway
Pia Isaksen Superlynx Norway
Pål Dimmen Music Norway Norway
Rafal Habrajski Drummers From Hell Poland
Remi André Nygård Inculter Norway
Renate Ingvartsen Superlynx Manager Norway
Ricardo Andrés Diaz Reyes Atomik Assault Fest Colombia
Robert Müller Metal Hammer Germany
Roman Alexander Hödl Vienna / Eindhoven Metal Meeting Austria
Roman Hilser Silverdust GmbH / Summer Breeze Open Air Germany
Ronny Frohner Redback Promotion Germany
Runa Strindin Midgardsblot Festival Norway
Runar Pettersen Inferno Metal Festival Norway
Sarah Jagenstedt Revolver Møllergata Kulturhus AS Norway
Shandy Mckay A Comic Soul Norway
Silje Drabitius Eternal Terror Norway
Simon Füllemann AISA Switzerland
Sina Winter From the Vasteland Iran
Sindre Solem Kniven Metal Bar Norway
Slobodan Milunović Metal Days Festival Slovenia
Sten Ove Toft Blå booking Norway
Stian Smørholm Edged Circle Production Norway
Suzanne Aabel Radio Rock Norway
Suzy Cole Apple Music USA
Sven Dinninghof Van Records Germany
Sverre Rokseth Fresh Tea Records Norway
Sølve Sæther NRK Norway
Therese Asker Miss Fixit Agency Norway
Thomas Alkärr NRK Norway
Thomas S. Øvstedal Cor Scorpii Norway
Thomas Strater Metal Hammer Germany
Tina Ringås Nordvis Produktion Sweden
Tjerk Maas Loudnoise Festival Netherlands
Tobias Gustafsson Vomitory Sweden
Tom Taaffe Coda Agency UK
Tom Barnard Mr Magpie MGMT UK
Tomas Fiala Brutal Assault Festival Czech Republic
Tor Baklund RockArt Norway
Tord Statle Larsen aLive Booking Norway
Tore Bratseth Bömbers Norway
Tore Stjerna Necromorbus Studio Sweden
Torgrim Øyre Beyond the Gates Festival Norway
Trond Grovane MØST Norway
Turid Auroa Artist - Art Exhibition Norway
Vadim Khomich The Flaming Arts Agency Belarus
Vibeke Hay Wold Polar Artist Norway
Wu Zhen Painkiller Productions / Midi Music Festival China
Yvonn Nordhagen Tons of Rock Norway
Zel Romero Nuclear Blast USA
Zhang Jun Extreme Metal Magazine China
Jack Dolan Cypher 16 UK
Helga Dóra Jóhannesdóttir Eistnaflug Festival Iceland
Daan Walet Soulseller Records
Mathias Løken Mystiicum Manager Norway
Morten Berton Iversen Mayhem Norway
Jørn Stubberud Mayhem Norway
Attila Csihar Mayhem Hungary
Chris van der Valk Eistnaflug Festival Iceland
Stefano Giorgianni Metal Hammer Italy
Sofi Hakobyan Metal Hammer Italy
Agnete Kjølsrud Djerv Norway
Jon Vegard Næss The New Death Cult Norway
Vegard Liverød The New Death Cult Norway
Jon Kristian Skare Posthum Norway
Mats Kjeserud Iversen Posthum Norway
Carl Stjärnlöv Diabolical Norway
Sverker Widgren Diabolical Norway
Guro Kleveland Ballade Norway
Anders Hovind CREO Norway
Romy Poletti Eistnaflug Festival Iceland
Hans Olav Myrvang Avast Norway
Harald Eilertsen Norsk Urskog Norway
Per Havarstein Soulseller Records Norway
Kim Alexander Holmøy Kulturhuset i Oslo Norway
Priscila Morales Proxy Managment Norway
Eirik Billy Nordheim Soulseller Records Norway
Ottar Stangeland Soulseller Records Norway
Per Arne Tuftin Norsk Reiseliv Norway
Pål Bellis Pål Bellis Photography Norway
Andreas Werling Sony Music/Century Media Sweden
Ottar Slettfjord Skifte Shaving the Werewolf Norway
Guro Juul Wickstrom Midgardsblot Festival Norway
Gro Narvestad NRK Norway
Sean Winter Winter Apocalypse Norway
Arne Blasche Wacken Foundation Germany
Andrew Poutney Ave Noctum UK


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